QSO365 has a new sponsor – Aerial-Parts of Colchester

I am very pleased to announce that I have a new sponsor on board in the form of Aerial-Parts of Colchester.  I blogged a while ago saying that I was considering using a lighting/CCTV camera mast to replace my current scaffold pole but while that would have provided sufficient strength and stability, the mast itself is heavy and unwieldy to handle and does not lend itself to easy installation.  I’ve been looking around and have done a deal with Aerial-Parts of Colchester to supply me with 10 metres of aluminium lattice mast made of four 2.5m sections which will be lightweight but also strong enough to support whatever I plan to put on top.  It will be installed at the rear of my house and will have a luffing winch to allow easy raising and lowering for working on the aerials.  A great benefit of this system is that I won’t need to raise a working party for aerial maintenance.

Aerial-Parts of Colchester is a small local business run by John Lemay, G4ZTR and I’m very pleased to be associated with them.

Aerial-Parts of Colchester is delighted to be supplying four sections of Alimast to Keith G6NHU, as part of a strategic improvement package to his radio station.

Alimast is a sectional lattice aluminium mast which is supplied in kit form for the user to construct in 2.5m increments. It is aimed principally at the portable contesting and expedition market and is easily adaptable for home station use, bracketed to a building.

The mast will be a big improvement over a simple scaffold tube and will provide a stable and robust platform for several antennas. More details can be found at www.aerial-parts.co.uk.

– John Lemay, G4ZTR.

I’m delighted to welcome Aerial-Parts of Colchester on board as my second sponsor and will provide further updates as I receive the Alimast sections and proceed with the installation here.  I will be installing a Yaesu G-450C rotator with a 10-12ft stub mast and a Cushcraft MA5B mini-beam on top for 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m.

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