Renaming the Martello Tower Group Twitter account

I created the Martello Tower Group Twitter account almost exactly three years ago on the 18th April 2010. The plan was to use that account alongside my existing account and post information about the group, things we were doing and other group related updates.

It’s grown to more than that though and now the account really is mine.  I still post things relating to the Martello Tower Group but most of the tweets are unrelated to the group.  I’ve built up a nice list of radio related followers and I tend to only follow people back who are involved with amateur radio.

It’s been mentioned a couple of times over the last two years or so that perhaps the account would be better if it had my name specifically on it rather than the group and I think it’s now time to make that change.

I’ve already changed the picture on the account from the group aerials to my own.  In the next few days I’ll change the name from Martello Tower Group and then after a short while, I’ll change the username.  I will tweet updates before I make each change to give followers notification.

Note – I am talking about the Martello Tower Group account (@G0PKT), not the account linked from this blog (@QSO365) which will remain unchanged and continue to tweet updates when I make new posts here.

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