Statistics – March 2013

Conditions throughout March have been generally poor with moments of brilliance mixed in!  I’ve taken part in some contests this month and it’s been a struggle, the most recent was this past weekend where the bands started off in terrible condition and that really caused me to lose interest.

Three new ones this month, Clipperton Island, Malawi and most appropriately, Easter Island.  I’ve still not received confirmation of all the entities worked and have just sent out some more QSL cards directly to try and correct that.

On a down side, the clocks have gone forward so we’re officially in British Summer Time with the confusion that causes.  I just know I’ll receive QSL cards from inter-G QSOs with the time an hour out because many people don’t seem to understand that log entries should be made in GMT (UTC).  Personally I’d rather stay on GMT all year round.

QSOs made: 1059
DXCC entities worked: 104
New DXCC entities worked: 3

Total DXCC worked: 248
Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW: 228
Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW/QSL cards: 243

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