Month: October 2011

My Alimast is up but there’s no aerial on top (lots of images in this post)

There was no work done on my Alimast from Aerial-Parts of Colchester last weekend because I was at the RSGB Convention so the plan was to get everything finished off this weekend.  The design for the bracket had been worked out and I’d done all the indoor work on my new rotator.  The weather forecast […]

Days 283, 284, 285 and 286 – PSK31 sign-offs

Day #283 was the first day back home after I’d been away all weekend for the RSGB Convention and I realised very quickly that morning that perhaps I should have taken the day off to recover.  Although I’d been sensible and not had really late nights while away, they were still long days and I […]

Days 276 to 282 – The RSGB Convention and getting a US amateur radio licence

Here’s what should be one of the last ‘regular’ updates that consists of just a list as it brings me up to date.  I’m not saying there won’t be lists in the future when I work a lot of stations such as during a contest but they’ve served a purpose here and I’ll be shifting […]

Days 266 to 275, Alimast sections are all assembled

Lots of QSOs over these ten days, with quite a few data contacts during contests.  Here’s a list. At the weekend I finished off the assembly of my Alimast sections.  I’d done a lot on Saturday as per my previous update but having ripped so much skin off my knuckles, the first thing I did […]

Review – September

Another good month for QSOs and a very good count for DXCCs worked. My mast is coming along well and I’m hoping it’ll be done in time for CQWW at the end of October. I’m still a long way behind on QSL cards but I’ll catch up eventually. I still say that every QSO will […]

Days 256 – 265 and more Alimast building

Another bumper update so again it’s a list – It makes sense (to me anyway) to provide a list like this as it saves extra typing! I’m especially pleased by the QSO with TR8CA using PSK125 – I’d seem them work a few stations and suddenly there was a change in the audio, I was […]