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A new record – G to ZL on 60m QRSS

G6NHU as seen on ZK2IK's 60m QRSS grabber

Toward the end of March I ran WSPR and QRSS on the 60m band for a couple of weeks.  I did some experiments on 60m nearly three years ago which gave good results and I was keen to improve that. I posted on the new Knights QRSS list to announce that I would be active on 60m […]

A World First – Experiments on the 60m (5 MHz) band with QRSS

Eight ten minute frames stacked together showing G6NHU received on 60m QRSS at W4HBK - 7288 km

The 60m band is fairly new amateur radio allocation, first introduced in 2002 but only to a few countries such as the United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, the USA, Ireland, Iceland and Norway.  I had an experimental Notice of Variation for 5 MHz on my licence a few years ago and I renewed it when we […]