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A detailed look at three different methods of operating the low power WSPR mode

Hans Summers Ultimate 3S transmitter

There seems to have been an upsurge in people operating WSPR recently.  Barely a day goes by (sometimes barely an hour) without someone posting a map of where their signals have been received on Twitter.  When I first started experimenting with WSPR and QRSS some years ago, I did exactly the same. I’m quite sure […]

My amateur radio review of 2011

I’ll post the full stats for QSO365 in a few days once the project has finished but in the meantime I wanted to get some notes made regarding amateur radio in 2011 as it relates to me. To put it simply, I’ve had a great year! The QSO365 project has given me the opportunity to […]

Review – August

A good number of contacts made this month and the second highest number of DXCC entities worked mean that things are going well here at QSO365.  I’m still behind on my QSL cards though and am slowly working to catch up.  I enjoy writing cards but it is getting a little tedious so once I get […]