Does anyone have one of these logbooks stashed away please?

Earlier this year I put out a plea for a new logbook and managed to get one, however it’s nearly full, it won’t last until the end of this year, it may not even last until the end of November. Does anyone have one (or more) of these vintage old RSGB Amateur Radio Logbooks stashed […]

Days 276 to 282 – The RSGB Convention and getting a US amateur radio licence

Here’s what should be one of the last ‘regular’ updates that consists of just a list as it brings me up to date.  I’m not saying there won’t be lists in the future when I work a lot of stations such as during a contest but they’ve served a purpose here and I’ll be shifting […]

RSGB General Manager

This blog isn’t normally used to report general news articles but I think it’s worth posting this. RSGB General Manager The Board of the RSGB has today released the following announcement: Peter Kirby, RSGB General Manager, has left the Society’s employment after the discovery of financial irregularities on his part. For the time being, RSGB […]