Days 23, 24, 25 and more QRSS

On day #23 I wound the radio onto 18MHz again and had a tune around, I found UY5ZZ, Vlad calling CQ DX so I did the same thing I’ve done previously, turned the power down and asked he minded working a QRP station. He was good with this and so we had a brief chat. I was only running 10 watts and he gave me a 58 signal report.

Day #24 saw a couple of QSOs on 80m.  When I started the project, 40m was the most open in the evenings but the last few days have seen me more active on 80m.  I like both 40m and 80m so I’m happy to use these bands.  Of course, the higher bands are closed by the time I get home from work anyway so I don’t have much choice really.  I spoke to S51ST in Solvenia.  His name is Ljubo but I really don’t know how to pronounce that so I chickened out and didn’t try!   That was followed shortly after by a QSO with HB3YMM, Christopher in Switzerland.

On day #25 I worked a special event station on 80m, GB2HLS which is for the Humber Lifeboat Station and was operated by Andy and then I followed that up by a QSO with OZ8CTH, Peter in Denmark.

Following on from the QRSS post yesterday, we’ve had three more reports received for G0PKT from Germany, Iceland and Russia.  I’m going to be putting together a page on the Martello Tower Group website showing all these captures and will post a link here once it’s done.

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