Days 32, 33 and 34 – Quiet

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all very quiet days with just one QSO each as I’ve had quite a busy week.

Day #32 was Tuesday and it was the night of the 144MHZ UKAC contest so I got home from work and had a very quick QSO with Paul, DC1EI on 2m.  I was hoping this would be an indicator of good things to come in the evening but it wasn’t to be.  We at the Martello Tower Group had a poor evening with out lowest score ever in the 2m UKAC events.  Here’s our QSO map:

QSOs made by G0PKT during the February 2011 144MHz UKAC contest

On day #33 I knew I was going to be home very late so once I got home from the contest on the previous night I stayed up and had a good tune around the bands.  At around quarter to midnight I heard DD5JK, Juergen calling CQ DX on 80m.  He was very strong so I kept listening to him to see how far he could work.  Sadly for Juergen, he had no replies at all for all the time he was calling so just as the clock ticked past midnight I called him and we had a nice conversation for a few minutes.  It was no great DX but it was nice to have the QSO and it proved to him that his equipment was still working because he’d been calling for a while with no response.

Day #34 saw me with loads to do in the evening so I just had a brief chat with Valter, IK0NMJ in Italy on 40m while my mind was on other stuff.

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  1. I hear it a lot on 80m. It proves Germany is not wanted as DX. He would have more succes calling just CQ I guess. Although… never know. Could be propagation was just not there. Good luck with the QSO365 project… 73, Bas

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