Days 73, 74 and 75 – The 50’s American Diner

Day #73 started off with a 20m QSO with YO3FTI, Andrei in Romania before I changed to 80m and worked Chris, G4LOP near Skegness and then SP3BQC, Jurek in Poland.

On day #74 I was purely on 80m for the 3 QSOs I had with DO1WRB, DD6AJ and G3RED, Wolfgang, Michael and David respectively.

I was more active on day #75 – Being at home with an upset stomach gives one a bit of time to play on the wireless in between running backwards and forwards to the smallest room.  But I digress and that may be too much information!  On day #75 I first worked UN3P in Kazakhstan on 20m JT65 before having a bash on PSK31 and working IV3LNQ, Luigi in Italy.  I then dropped down to 80m and worked G8IHT, Steve, I3JVS, Giovanni and M3THN, Paul.  Paul is in Swadlincote which is a place I know, I’ve been there a couple of times.  There’s a great shooting range there and also a superb American diner.

The 50's American Diner at Swadlincote

The 50's American Diner at Swadlincote

The Mystery Machine Inside the American Diner

Food served in the Diner

Burger with bacon, blue cheese and chips served in the American Diner

Once again, I digress but it’s well worth it – If ever you’re in the area, go visit the 50’s American Diner, I thoroughly recommend it.

I finished off day #75 on 40m, working W3BI, Richard, IZ0MIT, Franco and W8AGS, John.

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