QSO365 Sponsored by Martin Lynch & Sons

The sharp eyed among you may have noticed a banner which appeared at the bottom of this blog a couple of weeks ago.  I’m very pleased to announce that QSO365 has been sponsored by Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd.

The following article was published in the April 2011 edition of Practical Wireless magazine.

QSO365 in Practical Wireless

Reproduced by kind permission of PW Publishing Ltd.

Martin has loaned me an MFJ-974HB Balanced Line Tuner which will be used when I install a doublet aerial here in the next few weeks which should make a big difference as I’ll be able to get it much higher than my existing long wire and it will be far more efficient.  I have decided on a doublet for a few reasons – It’s cheap and simple to build, it’s a balanced aerial which can be fed with very low loss balanced 450 ohm ladderline and when fed through a good balanced line tuner, it should perform well.

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