Days 100, 101 and 102 – My first QSOs on 10MHz

Day #100 started off when I had a contact with KC2ULY, Jeff in New York State on 40m followed by a QSO with UX2SB in the Ukraine.  I’d arranged to have a sked on 10MHz later in the day  but prior to that I set up my JT65 on that band and called CQ.  I was quite surprised to get an almost immediate reply from WT9S, Jay in Arizona and then SQ5LNY, Dariusz and UA1ZGI, Nikolai in Poland and Russia respectively.  After that I switched over to 2m and worked DL6YBF, Helmut before going back to 10MHz for my sked with Bas, PE4BAS.

From there I moved onto 50MHz for my first 6m QSO of the year and spoke to EA7RZ, Juan.  Later on I worked IK3ASM on 15m and then finished off the day with JT65 QSOs with S59SV, SQ7LQJ and OH2BPO on 20m and finally YO2LOJ on 40m.

There were less QSOs on day #101 with just two in the log – I worked IK5UIM, Guiseppe and G0AMO, Mike on 20m and 80m respectively.

On day #102 I first worked OZ1TMK, Torben on 40m.  I’ve worked Torben already this year and have had a QSL card from him direct so it was nice to have another QSO.


After that I switched to 20m and worked WD4ELG, Mark, UA6JD, Vlad, KD8LCD, Richard and VE3MCF, Douglas.



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  1. Hello Keith, seems to be you had a lot of luck lately on all the bands. 6m is open early, I remember last year it was already May before the band openend for the first time.
    Thanks for the QSO on 10MHz JT65. 73, Bas

  2. Congratulations on hitting 100 days!

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