Days 97, 98 and 99 – A trip to JO22jl

I said in my last entry that I’d been preparing for a trip away and it so happened that at 07:00 on day #97, I flew out of London Stansted bound for Amsterdam.  I live about an hour away from the airport and I planned to be there by 06:00.  That meant leaving here at 05:00 and so I was out of bed at 04:00.  At 04:18 I worked WA2KHP, Walter on 40m for my QSO of the day.

I stayed at the D’ Vijf Broers hotel, located in JO22jl which had a great view across the river and it’s own little beach area.

D’ Vijf Broers hotel

The view from the D’ Vijf Broers hotel

The beach terrace area at the D’ Vijf Broers hotel

The beach terrace area at the D’ Vijf Broers hotel

The only downside was that being close to the water there were some nasty bitey insects around which took a liking to me and I’ve got three horrible red lumps on my wrists and hands.

I returned home on a late flight on day #98 and had one contact on 15m with SV4FFK, Sakis in Greece.

Day #99 saw more contacts but not as many as usual for a weekend.  I’ve been playing around with my QRSS grabber and the radio was running that for quite a long time.  However I did have QSOs with UY1IX, Olex on 15m and then OH5CX, Simo, EA7HAZ, Manuel, and SP9HYX, Jacek on 20m.

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  1. Nice pictures Keith, so classic Dutch. But different from were I live. My father was born in that area of the country. I’ll be o JT65A 10.139 at 11 UTC for our sked. 73, Bas

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