Days 124, 125 and 126 – GR6NHU gets more airtime

I was expecting it to be tricky on day #124 as I knew I’d be potentially very late home from work after a meeting of the Hadley Wood Contest Group so I threw the wireless on first thing in the morning and was rewarded with a JT65 QSO on 20m with VK4BDJ, David in Queensland, Australia.  It was a good job I did that because I was right and I didn’t get home until a few minutes to midnight.

On day #125 I managed a few more contacts – Three to be exact, first I spoke to F8FLK, Thierry on 40m and then worked PY6HL and K8BM both on 20m JT65.

Day #126 was Friday and I started off with a number of SSB contacts, first with DJ3HJ, Rudi on 40m followed by DL6FAN, Hans.  While I was talking to Hans I had a phone call from Tony, G0MBA and after a few minutes we moved from the electric telephone to the wireless and had a nice chat on 10m.  Once I’d finished with Tony I went back to 40m and worked G4YDO, Paul in Birmingham, G0GNU, Jeff in Bradford and finally on 20m SSB, EU8ZZ who didn’t give his name, this was a quick 5-9, 73 type QSO.  Later in the evening I worked a few more on 20m JT65, CT1EKD, LA5TFA, KD8BIN, IS0BZR and RZ3DJ.  To finish off the night I had another QSO with the Camb Hams guys up on the Isle of Arran on 160m.  It was a real struggle to work them on top band but it was good to get them in the log there.

All contacts during these three days were made using my special royal wedding callsign of GR6NHU

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