Days 145, 146 and 147 – A different radio in the shack

I had four contacts on day #145, I started off on 20m working HB9TWG, Beat and then had a QSO with Tony, S54E on 15m.  After that I moved to 40m and worked MX0NCC, Chris and GB8C, Gary.  Both of these were operating under the Castles and Stately Homes on the Air umbrella and Chris persuaded me to activate the Martello Tower the following weekend but I’ll blog further about that next time.

On day #146 I carried on with 40m and worked M0OJG, John in Stratford-upon-Avon and then Steve, M0WGI in Wokingham and Roger, GM4ROJ/P who was about 30 miles north of Aberdeen running a 70m long kite antenna.  To finish off the day I had a QSO with DL2KMA, Marc on 20m RTTY.

I started day #147 by working LY2PX, Willy on 10m and then I took my station apart!  I’ve borrowed a Yaesu FT-1000MP Mk V with a view to buying it so the rest of my contacts on this day were using that.  I worked EA4EUI. Frank in Madrid on 10m and then DK3JH, Chris on 40m.  I moved back to 10m to have a chat with Yan, M0YNK who helped me set up the levels on the new wireless and then I shifted back to 40m to talk to G1SPC John in Wolverhampton.  I hopped over to 20m for two contacts, IZ6TGS, Adrio and LZ2011KM, a special event station operated by Bogan in Bulgaria.   I then moved back to 40m for the rest of the day and worked GB0VUL, a special event station for the Vulcan bomber operated by Norman. DK1DN, Rolf, PI35EDE, Erik, SP5PPA, Mark, PF6WW, Eric, 2E0SQL, Pete, PA5CA, Frans, M5AFD, Dave in Shrewsbury, I4UFH, Fabio in Bologna and SM7MMK, Andy.  I finally crashed out at about quarter to one in the morning and 40m was still really busy.

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