Designing a QSL card for the Royal Wedding callsign

Blank page.


That’s as far as I’ve got, I’m not creative.  I’ve got no idea.



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  1. That’s spooky Keith, doing the same this end, also a lack of creative flare. Not to many in the log so I’m going to have a go at printing my own, playing with this but need a good background image, lots on google but not sure about the copyright issues.

  2. I’m not creative as well 😉 This guy in the Ukraine helped me a lot. But you need at least a background photo I think. See:

    73, Bas

  3. I’m going to use GlobalQSL ( to print and send them, all I’ll need to do is upload the card image and an adif file so really just need an actual design. I’ll have some blank cards sent to me so that I can deal with any that need to go direct or to reply to any that I receive direct.

  4. Just noticed a question regarding copyright.
    It is usually quite simple, If you took the photograph or produced the image from scratch you own the copyright. Unless images are marked that the are free of copyright the are subject to the copyright and patents act 1988.

    I say this as a professional phtographer who has had to deal with copyright theives when my work has been used without consent or payment.

    I haverecently recived a card which clearly breaches copyright law and the guide lines laid down by the College of Arms in respect of the use of the Royal Coat of Arms.

    I hope this helps.



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