Days 163, 164 and 165

Day #163 kicked off with a few QSOs in a 144MHz contest – Not as many as I’d have hoped but conditions were pretty dire and although I tuned around for nearly an hour, I only managed to work five stations who were G3NYY/P, TM7T, G0UTT/P, G2XV/P and MI0AYR/P.  After that I worked DL0YLC, Connie on 40m SSB before switching over to RTTY and working a few more in the same contest I gave some points away in yesterday – I worked G4DBW, G0HDV and OH8A on 40m and R07M and OM3TPM on 20m.  After that I had a chat with George, SP5VYI/1 on 40m and finished the day by working my current best DX on 6m, OH5LK at 1,158 miles.

On day #164 I first worked SQ5MRI, Daniel on 10m before talking to Theo, OT4A on 40m.  After that I worked a couple of Special Event stations for the Spanish F1 Grand Prix on 20m: EE5HAB and EE5CYI before dropping down to 40m to work DL0YLQ, Siggi.

I only had two QSOs on day #165 because being a Tuesday I was off to the Martello Tower where we put up doublet on the roof and operated GB4MTG for an hour or so.  We’re planning on activating the museum for the Museums On The Air weekend soon and that’s what the doublet is for.  On day #165 I worked DH2DAM, Ralf on 40m and EG8LP in the Canary Islands on 10m.

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