Days 166, 167 and 168 – /p operation

On day #166 I started off after work by working DJ3HJ, SK7BQ/P, PC11AMBER and F/G3PGK/P on 40m SSB.  It was a nice long chat with F/G3PGK/P, Colin who was on holiday in France.  I learned that he has a cat called Bonzo and he learned a couple of things – One was that I don’t have a dog but if I did it would be named either Bonzo or Rover and he also learned that “it is arr not raining here also.”  After that I spoke to LA0EM, John on 10m and finally EE5DM, Jaime on 20m RTTY.

Day #167 was a club night – It was an activity night at the Colchester club and I had just fifteen minutes to spare between getting home and heading off to the club.  Once there I operated /p with an FT-817 belonging to Mark, M0MJH to work IZ0NNI on 20m.  The FT-817 is a great little radio but unfortunately I don’t think I could find a use for one and if I had one it would just end up in the shack doing nothing.  Once home I managed a quick QSO with UA3DJY, Igor on 40m.

After work on day #168 I worked PA3GEG, Gerald and PA05FOX on 40m before going up to 10m and speaking to EC1KR and EA2AAZ.  After that I moved back to 40m and had QSOs with OZ4JU and M6AIV before finishing off the evening working IW8FEN, Salva and IQ8QAD, Filo on 20m.

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