Days 234, 235 and 236

It’s holiday time now so I’m spending a little more time on the wireless.  Of course, because it’s holiday means that I’m out and about doing stuff during the day and taking time late at night when I’d normally be in bed to play radio.

I’ve had an update from John at Aerial-Parts of Colchester to let me know that my Alimast is coming along nicely.  He’s suggested a suitable winch for me to use and I need to make the time to pop in and see how he has his setup so I can do something similar here.

On day #234 I worked a number of stations on 20m JT65, they were UA3SBK, Valeriy, OE1DXA, Werner, OZ2PJ, Poul, IZ0MIO, Armando, W4MPS, Marc, UA3ICN, Kantov and DL2DXD, Helmut.  I then switched to 40m and worked LA5TFA and I1RJP, Piermario all using the same mode.

I started off on 15m JT65 on day #235 and worked Yoshi, JR2FVG for our second QSO on two different bands.  I then moved to 20m later in the day and worked 4Z5AO, Leonid, 9A6RQE, Zoran and ES1HJ, Jaak.  Later I spoke to OE5MSM, Mike and LA/SP2LUB, Slawek on 40m SSB.  Later in the evening I worked NA0F, Larry, KC0EM, Valentine and AG4L, Steve on 20m JT65.  I then spoke to RD3ZV, Alex on 20m SSB and CO6LC, Oli and KP4DKE, Peter in Cuba and Puerto Rico respectively on 15m SSB.

I left the wireless on 15m and worked F6EWB using JT65 to start day #236 before switching to 20m and having QSOs with UT4QU, Eugene, IV3LNQ, Luigi, UR4MG, Vladimir, F6DKQ, Guy and EA6CA, Rafael using the same mode.  Later I worked UW2ZQ, Vlad using PSK31.  After that I spoke to EA3/IK1GPG/P (what a mouthful), Massimo.  All these contacts were on 20m.  Later I spoke to Peter, 2E0SQL on 2m and finished up the evening chatting with EG5DM on 20m.

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