Days 287, 288 and 289 – A bit of (almost) everything

There’s a bit of everything in this update.  Variety is the spice of life!

I only had two QSOs on day #287 though, I first worked KD4FNI, Glenn on 15m and then I heard EA3JW, Jim calling CQ DX on 40m.  I wound the power down to 10 watts and asked if he’d mind working someone who was not DX but running QRP and we spoke for a few minutes.

On day #288 I had two early QSOs on 10m, I first worked EM15M, Alex and US5QRV, Vlad.  After that we did all the work that was detailed in my blog post yesterday and then to try out the new 10m aerial I had a quick QSO with UA3PQ, Nickolay. Later I worked SV2GJV, George on 10m and then UX0FF, Nikolay on 12m.  After that I spoke to a few more back on 10m, UA3QNS, PY2MT, LU1UM and PY2OZ.

The good conditions carried on into day #289.  I started off early working DM4DX and DK0HF on 40m SSB before switching back to 10m and speaking to RN7F and TA1KB.  I then had a quick shout on 10m FM and worked UX0HO, Serge before jumping back to 12m and talking to CT3FQ and US5ZCW.  Following that I had two JT65 QSOs on 10m, working JG2JSZ and PB0AIC.  After that I worked one station in the 6m AFS contest, G5PI/P.  I couldn’t hear anyone else.  I then went back to 10m and worked 9H9OB, A62ER, RZ8U, R9UAG, UW5ZM, EM15E, CT3HF, N1SV, WX3B and Yan, M0YNK.

Then it was time to play some RTTY and I worked the following in a contest on 10m: N2BJ, UA5A, TA1BM, AI9T, W3LL, LZ1BY, W7WW, RK3DXW, NE3H, RU3WR, SV1DPP, YO3APJ and YO3JF.  After that I spoke to KW7Y, Paul in Washington State on 12m followed by SV1HKH, Panos on the same band.

To finish off the evening and a great weekend of radio I worked SV9DJO and D4C, both on 10m SSB.

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