Days 293, 294 and 295 – First SSB contact to VK

Conditions have been great over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve not been going out of my way to have long strings of QSOs though, just tuning around and picking people off as I feel like it.

On day #293 I spent most of my time on 10m working A65EE, Adil, ZS6CX, Glen, RD3ZV, Alex, TA4/G4IJD, John and CN/PD0JOS/P, Jos.  This last one got spotted on the cluster from another CN station saying the operation was illegal because CN/ isn’t allowed.  I saw that after I’d worked him though and he seemed popular so I have no idea if that was accurate.  Then I spoke to RA3EA, Albert, EW8EL, Mikhail, 9H1IT, Alex, SV1CQN, Kostas and AP2IA, Jaz in Pakistan for a new DXCC.  This was especially satisfying because I must have found him before he appeared on the cluster as he wasn’t busy.  Shortly after I tuned past and there was a massive pileup.

I then worked VK6ANC on 10m SSB for my first voice QSO with Australia.  I’ve worked VK on the data modes before so it was nice to get an SSB contact in the log.  I then worked SV5BYR, Mike and LA6KOA, Tor before having a chat on 10m AM with G0MBA/M.   I think this could be my first every AM QSO on the wireless.  Later I had two QSOs on 17m, working IS0RVH, Paul and EW8A, Igor before ending up back on 10m and talking to SV9CVY.

I only had a few QSOs on day #294, I started off working W7YES on 10m JT65 and then spoke to M6GPS, Gary, GB2HI, Kev and GM0HTT, Alan, all on 40m SSB.

I started off on day #295 working OT4A, Theo on 40m SSB before moving up to 10m and switching to JT65 to work JA2JNT, JO3VSR and RW6AB.  I then spoke to OD5NH, Puzant on 10m SSB followed by YO4PX on 10m FM after which I dropped back to SSB and spoke to LZ26ZA.  I shifted again to 12m and spoke to ER3ZZ, Valery and then used RTTY on the same band to work E74KC, Akif.  Not content with two data modes today I changed to PSK31 and worked TG9AHM, Emmanuel on 10m in Guatemala for another new DXCC Entity.  I finished off the day working VE7WY, Mike on 10m SSB.

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