Now this is what you call a pulley!

As has been well publicised in this blog, Yan, M0YNK has been constructing most of the hardware to go with my mast.  I popped into his workshop on the way home tonight to find him working on a pulley for me.  Originally we’d bought one which wasn’t man enough for the job and Yan had looked at the commercial alternatives but failed to find one suitable so he’d decided to fashion one.

This will bolt onto the top of the bracket which supports the mast and will brace between them.  There’s no doubt it’ll be strong enough.

Home made pulley

Home made pulley

The black centre part on the red bit is effectively a bearing so the wire will pass over that nicely.  It’s incredibly strong and will easily cope with the weight of my mast.  The work is scheduled for Sunday so expect a further update at the end of the weekend.

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