Days 325, 326 and 327 – Three average days on the wireless

It’s getting to the time of year now that when I get home in the evening, the bands have largely closed down and with an aerial which doesn’t seem to be performing too well on the lower bands I’m starting to struggle a little bit.  I’m aiming to take the OCFD down and replace it with a monoband dipole for 40m and put my old ‘long’ wire back up for 80m.  It’s not great on that band but through the SGC Smarttuner, it works well enough.

On day #325 I worked a bunch of stations on 10m JT65, these were K0KC, Ed, AE7KL, Clark, N0PC, David and K0ASK, Robert.  I then spoke quickly with EA1ZR, Cesar on 40m SSB.

I started on JT65 again on day #326, this time on 20m and I worked US4IPC, Alexander, KA8JIM, Jim, K1LES, Chester, DF3NA, Horst and VE3EQV, Douglas.  I rounded off the day working G3PIA on 6m SSB in the UKAC contest.

I only had two QSOs on day #327, I spoke to I6HCQ on 40m and then had I worked the C50C DXPedition in the Gambia on 20m.

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