I received my American licence in the post

My north American amateur radio licence turned up a couple of days ago, forwarded from my good friend Bill.  I can’t bring myself to spell it the American way though, hence ‘licence’.

KB3WPE licence document from the FCC

KB3WPE licence document from the FCC

Now to study for Amateur Extra.


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  1. I guess you must spend a lot of time in the US? What extra do you get over using a US prefix ahead of your UK licence?

  2. No Dave, very little. I’ve not been there for years! I just wanted to do it to prove to myself that I could.

    At the moment I’ve disadvantaged myself. If I were to go to the USA now and operate, I’d have to use my General class licence which has less privileges than if I were to operate using my own callsign and the CEPT agreement. Hence why I’ll be studying for the Amateur Extra exam.

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