Days 346 to 350 – Early morning and late evening JT65

With my mast down and just a 40m monoband dipole up at 15ft and my 10m vertical, I was quite limited in what I could do this week because I was actually worse off for aerials than I’ve been all year.  I started with a long wire through the smarttuner so at least I could use 80m as well as 40m in the mornings/evenings when the other bands were closed.  I’ve missed 80m since I’ve not had an aerial for it and am trying to decide what to do to remedy that.

So these days have largely consisted of early morning and late evening 40m JT65 QSOs.  This isn’t quite the way I’d expected the project to run up towards the end but I have to use what’s available.

Having said that, on day #346 I ended up unexpectedly having to work from home due to a puncture which was discovered late in the evening the previous day when it was too late to do anything about it.  While logged on to work I managed to have a number of JT65 QSOs on 10m, these were with RU4PF, Sergey, ZU6KB, Karel, VK4FNQ, John, UA3ICN, Kantov, VK7XX, John, ZS1IL, Andre and UU9JQ, Alex.

On day #347 I worked UT3WW, Serge on 40m JT65 before going to work and then W3BI, Rick on the same band and mode before I went to bed.  All the QSOs for the rest of this update were on 40m.

Before work on day #348 I worked UA9COL using JT65 and then in the evening I spoke to IZ5SIH, Mauro very briefly.

On day #349 I had a JT65 QSO with N9OQW, David before work and then late in the evening I had two further contacts with YT1DL, Dusan and LZ1CWK, Valcho.

I was up earlier than usual on day #350 and so managed three 40m JT65 contacts before work with K3HR, Ross, 2E0ZRQ, Glenn and SP5XSL, Mario.  In the evening I worked UY3MW, Nick.

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