Working Amateur Radio satellites – A blast from my past

I’ve tried many facets of amateur radio including working through ‘repeaters in the sky’, or as they’re more commonly known, satellites.

I recently dug out an envelope of old QSL cards and in amongst them were four cards back from 2000 where I had QSOs through the now long defunct SO-35 ‘Sunsat‘.  Three of the cards are from stations I worked and one is from an SWL.  It’s very refreshing to see the amount of information on the SWL card, I’ve not received any other SWL report with as much detail.

My log only shows six QSLs for the whole of 2000, five of those were satellite so it clearly wasn’t one of my busier years of operating amateur radio and I’m not sure what radio(s) I would have been using but I know the aerial was a Diamond X500 colinear.

QSL cards for QSOs made via AO-35 Sunsat

QSL cards for QSOs made via AO-35 Sunsat

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  1. Recognize one of the cards. I know I have it in my collection, it’s the one with the swan. And I spoke this station probabely on one of the sats in 2001. Have been quite active on the UO14 and AO27 sats that time. That was because I was not allowed on HF with the license I have. Things changed in 2003. 73, Bas

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