JARTS WW RTTY Contest 2013

In my last post I mentioned that I’d put my 40m vertical up and was hoping to work some new DXCC entities on 40m during the Japanese Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society (JARTS) contest.  Well the band was pretty noisy but I did manage pick up three new entities – Alaska, Canary Islands and Uzbekistan.

I only intended to play for a short while during the contest but I ended up doing more than expected.  I didn’t sit in the shack all weekend, I did a couple of hours here, a couple there and in the end I stopped when I reached 650 QSOs.  The bands were generally in good shape and I was getting good responses to my CQ calls with my best rate over a two hour period being 75 QSOs/hour.  At a peak I hit 108 QSOs/hour which I sustained for about twenty minutes.  As always, during a data contest where the rules permit, I had the amplifier running for the whole event and was using 400w.  No QRP for me!

The output from my amplifier.  I don't do QRP in contests.

The output from my amplifier. I don’t do QRP in contests.

My QSO totals per band were:
40m – 115
20m – 290
15m – 140
10m – 105

During the times I was operating there were very few stations to the west but I’m happy to have worked over 150 JA stations over the weekend on the higher three bands.  Here’s a map of all stations worked on all bands (click for a much larger version).

Stations worked by G6NHU during the JARTS WW RTTY Contest 2013

Stations worked by G6NHU during the JARTS WW RTTY Contest 2013

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