A new challenge – DXCC on 17m using FT8

It’s been a while since I set myself a challenge and so it’s time for a new one.

Despite my initial misgivings, I’ve decided that I do actually quite enjoy operating FT8.

I’m attempting to work DXCC on 17m using the new FT8 data mode.  Considering that in nearly 1,000 QSOs using JT65, I’ve only worked 76 separate DXCC entities, this could be quite difficult.

I’ll post updates on a semi-regular basis to show how well I’m doing.  I only decided to do this a week or so ago and I’ve already got 28 countries in the log but of course, the first ones are easy.

If you see me calling CQ on 17m FT8, please give me a shout.  You never know, you could be a new country for me.


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