SCC RTTY Championship 2018 – The results

In 2017 I entered and won the 15m section of the SCC RTTY Championship and although I wasn’t available for the full 24 hours of the contest this year, I did make a token entry by operating for around four hours on the Sunday morning.

The problem was that on the Sunday, conditions had absolutely plummeted.  There were zero sunspots and both the A and the K indexes were quite high.

I persevered and called CQ for most of the time I was operating, interspersed with the occasional tune around the band to see what I could hear.  I heard nobody else on 15m and not one station replied to my CQ calls.

Because of the time I’d spent operating, I decided to put my entry in anyway.  To clarify, this was an entry with zero QSOs, zero points and zero multipliers!  Not surprisingly, I was last in the section and you can tell from the other entrants that conditions were significantly better on the Saturday.

There’s always a nice “Final Comments” section for the SCC contest and my zero point entry got a mention.  They said “Keith G6NHU operated 15m few hours as M7P and not a single QSO was logged 🙂 We really liked his SOAPBOX – take a look under Soapbox link.

My certificate has to be the best certificate in the history of contesting with zero QSOs, zero multipliers and zero points but still #1 England.

SCC RTTY 2018 15m results

SCC RTTY 2018 15m results

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