A quick tip for your hotspots

With all the hotspots I have in the house for various modes, I decided to do something about the RF. They all run very low power but they’re only for me to use and I didn’t want the RF escaping the house.

I bought a few tiny little dummy loads from eBay and replaced the rubber duck aerials on my hotspots with them. I’ve checked and I can still access them from anywhere in the house and that’s all I need. I picked that supplier because he’s in the UK and delivery is very quick, there are other sellers who will supply packs of five for the cost of two from him but they’ll arrive on the slow boat from China.

These dummy loads have the benefit of being nice and small and having perfectly flat SWR across both 2m and 70cms which is far better than the supplied rubber duck aerials. Of course, if you want to use your hotspots at any distance further away then this isn’t a tip I’d recommend.

Hotspot with dummy load instead of the supplied rubber duck

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