Days 13, 14, 15 and 16 – Saudi Arabia!

It’s been a busy few days for me on both the wireless and in ‘real life’ but I’ve been able to keep the project going without too much trouble.

On day #13 which was Thursday I was home from work and back out again very quickly with my daughter to visit my mum.  This is a trip we make most Thursdays and is always good.  It was getting late when we got home so I had a quick QSO with HA8RM, Peter in Hungary.  I hear Peter a lot but I’ve never worked him before because he’s always calling CQ DX, however I wound my power down to 10w and asked if he’d mind working a European station running QRP.  Peter was happy to do this and we had a brief chat, no wonder he’s always very strong, he runs 1,500 watts!

Day #14 was good – No Spaniards, Italians or Russians for me today 🙂 I worked G4LOE, Gary in Solihull on 80m and then had a nice chat with G1MYE/M who was on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare on 40m.  A company I used to work for had an office in Weston and I used to go there fairly often on training courses.  I ended the day talking to Ed, LX1EA in Luxembourg on 40m.

Day #15 was very good indeed.  I worked two Italians on 20m, one of them being I2AE who was running a special event station for Castles and then I had a tune around on 10m to hear HZ1SK, Samir in Saudi Arabia.  It took a couple of calls but I worked him to get a new country in the log.   In the afternoon it was the 80m AFS contest so I had a go in that and added another 78 contacts to my logbook.

I knew that day #16 was going to be tricky as I had a wedding to go to and wasn’t expecting to have much time on the radio.  Luckily for me I was still up after midnight from day #15 and so had a couple of quick QSOs on 80m, PA0MIR and HA3OV.  Both were just giving them points in a contest but hey, they’re still contacts.

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3 Responses to Days 13, 14, 15 and 16 – Saudi Arabia!

  1. Andre (M0JEK) says:

    Nice work. You are doing well. I myself need to make time to operate on the bands, and I like your incentive.

    I have question about your station, I am always curious to know what sorts of antenna’s other radio amateurs are using or have to use, and what sort of restrictions, if any.

    73 Andre’

  2. g6nhu says:

    Currently my antenna for HF (3.5MHz to 24MHz) is a long wire fed through an SGC Smarttuner and a 5/8 vertical for 28MHz. The wire isn’t great and I’m going to replace it as soon as I can. The radio is an FT-847.


  3. Andre (M0JEK) says:

    Thanks Keith.
    I have a small QTH, and I am currently using a home made inverted L with trap for 80/40 and with 28+ buried radials (I got bored / tired laying them!) I have also a 65 ft wire with 9:1 unun which is down at the moment. I have tried other antennas, but I need to be semi-stealthy were I am. The best DX I have worked was using a G7FEK (broken) and the 65ft wire and unun …

    See you on the bands …


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