When do I get a chance to operate?

I’ve been asked via Twitter to post the times I get a chance to operate the radio and make my QSOs.  During the week, the time I have available to operate the wireless is limited, I’m normally up at around quarter to six and out of the house just after half past six to head to work.

I leave work at half past four and am normally home at around six in the evening.  Two evenings a week I’m out again within an hour or so and so I really don’t have a lot of time during the week to sit and play radio especially as I’m in bed fairly early to be ready for the next day.  This is why this QSO365 project is likely to be quite tricky for me to complete during the week but I am determined to complete it.  I do have a radio in the car and I work mainly 70cm FM when I’m driving but I really don’t want to include those QSOs as part of the project because I don’t write them in my logbook so I can’t easily keep a record.

Weekends are a different matter though and maintaining the regular QSOs should be easy.


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  1. Pls post your times in UTC – Zulu format. I’d like to help you make your 365 project goals, I’ll be watching for you on the web and listening on the band.

    73 KC2UML Rory

    1. Those times are all in UTC, Rory because that’s our current time zone in the UK 🙂

      I look forward to hearing you sometime on the bands.


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