Days 10, 11 and 12

This three day update seems to work well, it’s a format that I may well stick with throughout the year.

Day #10 saw two contacts in the evening, both on 40m as expected and unsurprisingly to Spain and Italy (EA1HDD and IK6BGJ), two of the three countries I hear the most on the band, the third being Russia.

Day #11 I had one QSO from home after work, this was a very quick one into Italy (IZ2CPO) again on 40m and suffered with quite heavy QSB so it was just an exchange of signal strengths, names and callsigns.  I try and have longer contacts but sometimes they’re limited to the bare minimum.   After this contact I had a mad dash out to the Martello Tower for the first of the 432MHz UKAC contests of the year where I was our first operator and worked around 15 or so stations during my stint.  It wasn’t a great night as activity seemed quite low and we struggled to only work 10 multipliers but looking at the claimed scores there may have only been 14 multipliers active anyway!

On day #12 I was quite busy.  After getting home from work I had a quick word with Slav, RV3GS on 40m although he had difficulty getting my callsign and I’m still not 100% sure he got it correctly.   After that I switched over to 80m and worked 30 UK stations in the first of the Club Championship events.  It showed me that the logging software I currently use, Aether, really isn’t suitable for contest logging and so I’ve grabbed an old laptop and will be installing and getting used to N1MM for future HF events.   It was fun to operate search and pounce (S&P) for an hour and I’m now quite looking forward to the 80m AFS at the weekend.

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