Yes, it’s Christmas, no, I’ve not had much chance to do anything really on the wireless.

I worked a couple of stations last week but nothing really of note and I’ve just had a nice couple of hours in the second of the RSGB Christmas Cumulatives.  I’ll have another go tomorrow and then I’m back to work on Wednesday so no doubt my son will take over the shack for a session then.

I was given an MKARS80 kit for Christmas by my brother which will be built in due course but I want to get my QRSS transmitter working and on the air before I start building the next project.

Regarding my QSO365, I’ve not yet got the new aerial up and I think that’s going to cause me issues when I start in just a few days time but I’ll do the best I can on the long wire.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

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