Days 61, 62 and 63 – Data, data everywhere

Three days absolutely stuffed full of data contacts.  Don’t worry though, I do pick up the microphone on day #64 and that will be in the next blog entry.

Day #61 was another of my long days out, I left home at around half six in the morning and wasn’t expecting to be home until half past eleven at night so I had to try and get a QSO in before I left for work.  I worked ON4LBN on 80m JT65 before going out and I was lucky enough to only get home at around 23:15 so I managed QSOs with IZ5PNL and SM7ZDD both on 80m JT65 as well before heading off to bed just before midnight.

Day #62 gave me another new DXCC.  After work I exchanged details with the following stations on 80m JT65: DD7ZT, G4EQR, G8MIA, DO3BOX, DK6CS, UA4LCF and G0LWU.  The new DXCC I worked was 9H1ZZ in Malta on 40m JT65.

Day #63 was just as busy with JT65 QSOs with the following stations:
20m: KC2CK
40m: UU9JQ, UT4UQ

Before I went to bed on day #63 I put a station online connected to the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network transmitting just 5 watts on 28MHz.  I jokingly commented on Twitter that I hoped to have heard VK at 20dB by the morning.

I didn’t hear VK, but I was heard in VK land.  More on that in my next post because technically that’s to do with day #64!

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