VK land – Signal heard

On day #63 as I went to bed I put my station on the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network running just 5 watts on 28MHz.  I’d jokingly said that I expected to be heard in Australia with a signal strength of +20dB.  Well, it’s easy to confuse plus and minus isn’t it!

When I got up I checked the log and I saw that I’d been spotted just twice while I was asleep by just one station.

Spotted in VK land

Map of me being spotted in VK land

OK, it wasn’t a QSO and I didn’t hear VK6DZ but it’s nice to know that my little five watts of RF made the journey all the way down under on 10m. This was before the magnificent conditions on 10m over the weekend, there was absolutely nothing happening on the band at the time.

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