Wanted: 30m (10MHz) JT65-HF sked

I’ve tried to work people on 30m, I’ve called CQ using both PSK31 and JT65-HF but there never seems to be anyone around.  I know that my vertical seems to both transmit and receive at least reasonably well on 30m but I’m still waiting to have my first QSO on the band.  It’s the only HF band I’ve not yet had a QSO on.

So would anyone like to arrange a JT65-HF sked on 10MHz sometime?  I’ve got a lot happening this week so I reckon the best time would be over the coming weekend.

If you’re interested to try this, either leave a comment to this post or email me through the link on this page.


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  1. Hi Keith, I would be happy to make a sked with you on 30m. Any digimode. We should have a look at the best time to do it. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas,

    That would be great – When do you think a good time to try 10MHz would be? I reckon sometime around mid morning at the weekend might be worth a try?


  3. Hello Keith,
    According to the propagation site from G0KYA best time is between 11 and 13 UTC I think. Since I have some other things to do on Saturday, the only day left is Sunday. I will monitor 30m PSK31 then from 11 UTC or if you prefer JT65A. Strange you never made a QSO on 30m, it’s always full of PSK signals here on 10.140 MHz. 73, Bas

  4. Hi Bas,

    I’ve just got back from two days in JO22JL 🙂

    Sunday is good for me – JT65-HF is my preferred mode of operation, I believe the correct frequency to use is 10,139.000 on the dial so I’ll start calling CQ around 11:00z and we’ll see how it goes.


  5. Thanks for the QSO Bas, good to get you in the log earlier.

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