Days 203, 204 and 205 – A quiet few days

Weekends are normally busy on the wireless for me but this weekend was quite different.  We all left home mid morning on the Saturday and returned home late evening on Sunday so I had no real time to play radio.  I also had to strip everything out of my shack at the weekend in preparation for some new equipment to be delivered on Monday so that also meant I had little time or inclination to use the radio.  In the end I had two contacts on day #203 working DL0YLWM on 20m and DK1NO, Hannes on 40m.  It was good to work the first station because there are a number of German YL special event callsigns around and in order to qualify for the appropriate award, one has to work DL0YLWM so I was pleased to get that one in the log.

I had just one QSO on day #204, I spoke to S51ZZ, Vojko on 20m and then I had one contact on day #205, working F/ON6YYY/P, Peter on 40m.

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