Days 206, 207 and 208 – I’ve got data modes again

I’ve still got a lot of things happening at home and work.  We’re ramping up towards a major event at work happening in a couple of weeks so there’s a lot of preparation going on.  That’s not stopping me from keeping this project going though.

On day #206 I worked two stations on 40m, SE6Y, Rolf and 5P0O, Steen.  Both great callsigns!

I had three contacts on day #207 speaking first to DR16BENE, a Special Event station to celebrate the visit of the Pope to the Freiburg area of Germany and then OZ/DF2SD on Fanø Island, Denmark, both on 40m.  After that I decided to try data with my TS-590 and was very pleased to be able to persuade fldigi to talk to the wireless via USB without any need for an interface whatsoever and I worked EA2IV, Alex on 20m using PSK31.  The close filtering of the TS-590S makes it superb for data modes as it’s easily possible to filter out any other nearby strong stations.

6m was open on day #208 and so I worked HA5CW, Josef and OK2MBP, Jiri before I switched off the radio and spent the evening typing my paper log for the last month into the computer.  It took a while but was worth doing it as that means my computer and paper logs are now the same as each other.

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