20m WSPR with my TS-590S

A few days ago I decided to look at the datacomms capabilities of my new TS-590S.  It has a USB socket on the back and it appears that the complete data interface is built in.  I’ve set up a new Windows XP virtual machine just for datacomms and I’ve so far set up software for JT65 and WSPR.  I can operate PSK31 using fldigi as a native app within Mac OS X.

So I fired up a 20m WSPR session early last week and after one transmit and receive cycle this is what the map showed.

20m WSPR map

20m WSPR map

The TS-590S seems ideally equipped for data comms with no additional expense required for the normal operating modes such as PSK, RTTY, JT65 etc.  However, it uses VOX keying so there’s no way it could be used on CW and an interface would be needed for that mode.  I have no real need for automatic CW so I’m not going to be investing in any additional interface.

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