Days 243, 244 and 245 – Late night data

These days were while I was still on holiday and as tends to happen when I’m not at work, I become slightly nocturnal.  On one day in particular I went to bed, really couldn’t sleep and ended up getting up, coming back into the shack and playing radio.

On day #243  I first worked OK1DX, Pavel on 30m JT65 and then much later in the day I had a RTTY QSO with SV8CS, Spiros on 17m.  After that I worked a whole stream of stations on 20m JT65 as the band has been nicely open late at night.  The stations I worked were: RA6C, WB1CZX, KR4RO, W1YIF, N4ST, K0ABC, KB4RG, KF6ABU, KC8GTX, VE3IYA, W2RXG, VE3ODZ, W0MRM and N9DFD.

Day #244 was much the same, I had the radio on in the evening and worked a bunch of stations on 20m JT65, they were SV2CBN, N9SOR, UR5YW, W8KHR, AA8Q, K4PJO, VE3IYA and KD8BIN.

That was the night I mentioned at the start of this post – I got up around 04:00 local time on day #245 and put the radio on again, conditions on 40m were good and I had a long stream of JT65 QSOs into the USA and a couple down to South Africa.  The stations I worked were: W1YQ, N0LWF, W4AS, WX4CB, KD0BIK, AB3MG, ZS1LS, ZS2ACP, W8BRI and KJ4OHL.  It was especially nice to work WX4CB and KD0BIK because I chat to Charles and Jerry regularly via Twitter.  Later in the day once I’d slept (again) I worked LX/PA9JO, Jo on 40m SSB and then RV6HFA, Vlad on 20m JT65 and finally UA3DTK and KW7E on 20m JT65.

The data modes are very good for late night operating when everyone is asleep as they’re effectively silent in the shack.  My shack is a small upstairs room in the house so I can’t really be shouting into a microphone when everyone is sleeping.

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