Days 314, 315 and 316 – More great conditions and new DXCCs

I had a very good start to day #314, I heard two stations on 10m from New Zealand talking to each other and passing the DX they were working backwards and forwards between them.  I called a few times with no response and then the stronger of them said “I’ll take one more call and then I have to go, would the UK station, the Gee November Hotel go ahead please”.  That was my cue and I had a nice chat with ZL4CZ, Steven and ZL2SP, Scott for a few minutes for a very welcome new DXCC.  I’ve barely heard ZL before so it was really nice to talk to these two gentlemen.  I did nothing else during the day but in the evening I worked a number of stations on 20m JT65, these were K4KQZ, PY4ED, KC0EM, KK4A and VA3SB.

With the great conditions we’ve been having recently I’ve spent most of my time on the higher bands and day #315 was no exception.  I spoke to LZ2JOW, Yovko, RA3GS, Slava, V5/NZ2P, Mein, ER4DX, Vasiliy, and EA9IE, Juan.  I then worked SU9VB, Vlad in Egypt for another new DXCC.  After that I had a few shouts on 10m JT65 and worked RV6AKB, Nikolai, WD4GBW, Jack, G4VXE, Tim and N3YEA, Jeffrey.  I changed back to SSB and spoke to HC7AE, Ricardo in Equador for a new DXCC followed directly by XF1C in Mexico for another new DXCC.  I later worked VA5DX, Doug on SSB and then ON4ZL, Luc on 40m.  To finish the day I had 20m JT65 QSOs with G3SUY, Peter and K9AAN, John.

Day #316 was the first day of the Worked All Europe DX contest – RTTY and so I had a few QSOs on 10m to start off the day – I worked LZ2PL, RA9CUU, YO3JF, UN7CN, LZ1BY, RO3DX, OH2NT, UR4IOR, EO3Q and UA9OG but my heart wasn’t really in it.  After that I spoke to JA5FDJ, UT7NY and JH4UYB before moving down to 15m for a few more RTTY QSOs, I worked FM5CD, W2YC, YO5OLD, SM5QU, EA8URL, XE1UYS, EU1AZ, VA2UP, YO3CZW and WA2TMC.  Later in the day I spoke to TF2MSN, Odinn and K4TEC, Martyn on 10m followed by XE2EX, Javier.   I then talked to J79WTA, Walter in Dominica for a new DXCC and 9Y4LAS, Andy in Trinidad & Tobago for another new DXCC entity before rounding off the evening working S58N on 40m RTTY.

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