Days 311, 312 and 313 – I have an amplifier

I started off day #311 on 20m when I spoke to IN3LQB, Paul before I moved to 10m and worked A61AS, Salem and TA1BX, Burhan.  I then moved to 12m to talk to JT1BV, Naran.  This was followed by three PSK31 contacts on 15m with LY2CK, Fred, UY2IC, Aleksandr and UT1Ef, Stanislav.  Later in the day I spoke with C31KC and VO1DGP on 20m.  I then worked UT7IA, Yuri on 12m followed by CN2LP/P, Francois and G0MBA/M, Tony on 10m.  I wrapped up the day with two data QSOs, VE3IYA on 20m JT65 and 40m PSK31 with IZ0HAP.

On day #312 I first had a JT65 QSO with DF9YW, Uwe on 20m and then spoke to Z36T, Al on 10m.  I did a lot of band changing on this day, I moved to 12m and worked LY2KZ, Vytas then 20m to work SP1MVG, Chris.  I switched to 17m to talk to HF100MSC, Adam and then back to 12m to work Al, Z36T again.  Later I settled on 10m for a while talking to EX2B, Bek, KB1VVZ/M, Austin, KG9N, Charles and CO6LC, Ori.  I then spoke to G0MBA, Tony and M1EAK, Colin.
To wind up the day I had a late spell on 20m JT65 where I worked WA4RG, W3BI, K0KC and NK9B.

I carried on operating after midnight into day #313 and added NI0B, KD8NHB and W2RXG on 20m JT65 before changing down to 40m and working K2HU and KJ4IZW also using JT65 before turning in.  Once I was up, I switched the radio onto 20m and was pleased to work TU2T using RTTY and then I spoke to 6V7Q on 10m FM.  I also worked 4S7AB, Kamal in Sri Lanka for a new DXCC.

Some time late morning there was a knock at the door and there was a delivery man with a large box.  His first words were “I don’t know what you’ve got in there but it’s bloody heavy”.

A large box is delivered

A large box is delivered

I unpacked it and set it up.  The two hour wait (as stipulated in the manual) before I switched it on seemed like forever.

Acom 1000 HF+6m Linear Amplifier

Acom 1000 HF+6m Linear Amplifier

Everything I’ve read about this amplifier is true.  It’s quiet, it’s easy to set up and it works a dream.  Once it had gone through the warmup procedure and I’d set the parameters in the radio correctly I found that I can tune it in 10-15 seconds with ease.  I’m running 25 watts in for 400 watts out and it’s barely ticking over.

I first worked EY8MM on 10m and then spoke to YB9/F5LIT, Emmanuel in Indonesia on 15m for a new DXCC.  A bit later I worked W3SOX, Dave on 10m and then PJ4J, Wim on 12m.  I finished the evening doing some tests on 10m with Tony, G0MBA who only lives a few miles away and that showed that my signal with the amplifier on appears nice and clean and my audio is no different whether I run the amp or not.

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  1. Hi Keith,

    Nice piece of kit to go with the tower and beam. Hope you don’t get the dreaded knock on the door :0)



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