Month: November 2011

Days 307 and 308 – eight new DXCC entities in the log

I started off on day #307 working TU2T on 10m followed by CN2DX, Andre and then PJ5/SP6IXF, Janusz in St. Eustatius & Saba for a new DXCC.  I then spoke to FG5DH, Christian in Guadeloupe for another new DXCC entity. I then worked TU2T twice more, on 12m and 17m.  I’ve said before that I don’t really […]

Does anyone have one of these logbooks stashed away please?

Earlier this year I put out a plea for a new logbook and managed to get one, however it’s nearly full, it won’t last until the end of this year, it may not even last until the end of November. Does anyone have one (or more) of these vintage old RSGB Amateur Radio Logbooks stashed […]

I received my American licence in the post

My north American amateur radio licence turned up a couple of days ago, forwarded from my good friend Bill.  I can’t bring myself to spell it the American way though, hence ‘licence’. Now to study for Amateur Extra.

Days 304, 305 and 306 – A new eQSL certificate

I don’t actually log onto eQSL too often but I did a couple of days ago and realised that I’d reached 75 confirmed countries via their Awards page so I requested and duly received the appropriate certificate. The general perception is that there are more people actively uploading to eQSL than there are to LoTW […]

Review – October

A great month with lots of QSOs and loads of new countries.  That’s down to a mixture of great conditions, a new aerial for the higher bands and the CQWW SSB contest.  Even though time is running out, I’m still quite quite confident that I should be able to get 100 DXCC entities confirmed on […]