Days 358, 359 and 360 – It’s Christmas!

Day #358 was Christmas Eve and so I had some QSOs first thing in the morning before I went off to hook up with the other members of the Martello Tower Group at the local cafe for a late breakfast before heading over to Coastal Communications for the traditional Christmas Eve nibbles.  I first worked DL7BA, Ron on 40m JT65 before switching to 15m and working JH3OWW, JI4UEN and UB9JAI.  I then closed down the data and spoke to YO8THG, Geo and 6W1QL, Jul in Senegal on the same band.  I then took a quick leap to 10m to work A47RS/39 in Oman and then back to 15m where I spoke to BW100, Ken in Taiwan and finally S54ZZ, Simon on 20m before I went out.  Later in the day I spoke to LA9VK, Hal on 20m and W3DIY on 15m.

On day #359 which was Christmas Day I knew I wasn’t going to be on the air much so I’d mentioned on Twitter the day before that I was going to spend a short time on 40m if anyone wanted to work me.  I fired up the radio and amplifier early afternoon and tweeted that I was on the air and the frequency I was on.  It gave a few people who have been following the progress of QSO365 the chance to work me and get in the log.  I worked M0EAO, Colin in Boston before I tweeted and then had a string of twitterers call me.  I spoke to G8NWC, Graham in Spalding, G7UVW, Dave in London, G0BVD, Phil in Great Torrington, G3SED, Mike in Southampton and M6PAP, Pete in Chichester over a period of about half an hour.  Around mid afternoon I had one quick 20m JT65 QSO working K2AK, Jeff.

We traditionally spend Boxing Day which was day #360 with the rest of my immediate family so before we went out I had my spell on the radio.  Because it was still tuned to the 20m JT65 frequency from the previous day I first worked OE7GJ, Rudolf and then changed to SSB.  I spoke with YO7KVE, Vali on 15m and then OD5PY on 10m followed by SV9JI, Manos on the Island of Crete.  After that I moved to 20m and spoke to SP5DZC, Jan and S57UN, Renato.  Just before we were about to go out I had a phone call from Tony, G0MBA asking me about JT65 and so to go through it with him, we worked on 40m using that mode.

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