New Acom 1500 HF+6M Linear Amplifier

I just saw the following information on and it’s worth reposting here:

ACOM1500 is developed on the base of the well known ACOM1000. The tube GU74B has been replaced by 4CX1000A and the power supply is beefed accordingly. The RF power is  up to 1500 W. PEP output on 160 trough 6m Bands. Another improvement is the internal antenna switch with three antenna outputs. The LCD display has been replaced by VFD type. The size is unchanged, only few kgs has been added to the weight.

Acom 1500 front

Acom 1500 front

Acom 1500 back

Acom 1500 back

Acom 1500 right side

Acom 1500 right side

Acom 1500 left side

Acom 1500 left side

Apart from the higher power which is irrelevant in the UK, the main difference is the three antenna outputs.  I run with my Array Solutions Power Master II meter connected all the time so I wouldn’t see any advantage anyway.  I use an external Alpha Delta-4 antenna switch.

For those looking for a 1.5kW amplifier though, the Acom comes from a company with a good reputation and I’m sure it will be a popular addition to their product range.


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  1. What is the price for antenna amplifier 1 kw effect, my transceiver its an Yaezu FT-897,..
    160m- 6m -2m-70cm. thank for information.

    73 from SA7CAU

      1. Ouch, I don’t think I’ll be swapping my Acom 1000 for an Acom 1500 any time soon!

  2. Witam prosze o cene tego wzmacniacza i gdzie i jak mozna go kupic
    Pozdrawiam i dziekuje z góry za pomoc

    1. Translation: “Hi please the price of the amp and where and how you can buy it. Best regards and thank you in advance for your help”

      Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to either of these although someone else has suggested around €3500.

      Niestety, nie znam odpowiedzi na jedno z tych, chocia? kto? inny zaproponowa? oko?o € 3500.

      73 Keith, G6NHU

      1. The ACOM 1500 is available from vine at a price of £3000 aprox.

        1. Thanks Stewart, that’s good to know.

          73 Keith.

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