Cushcraft MA-5B is repaired with a new MT1 trap

Cushcraft were always known for good quality products but some years ago they were taken over by MFJ.  It’s no secret that MFJ have a bit of a reputation for poor quality control and they may or may not deserve the many nicknames that they’ve been given.

Personally, I’ve had no problems with any of the MFJ equipment I’ve owned or used.  My voice keyer worked perfectly and the ATU I was loaned for the QSO365 project performed flawlessly and was a very useful addition to my station when I most needed it.

I was a little concerned when I contacted Cushcraft (MFJ) about the problem with the high SWR problem on 15m and 20m on my MA-5B but their response was speedy and they told me they’d send me a replacement MT1 trap.  I had no idea how long this was likely to take but around a week after our exchange of emails, this package turned up.



This is what was inside.

Replacement MT-1 trap for Cushcraft MA5B

Replacement MT1 trap for Cushcraft MA-5B

It’s now all fitted and my aerial is back to how it should be.  It’s a shame it melted in the first place but that’s great customer service by Cushcraft/MFJ.


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  1. How did the 1115U/U work out for you? I am thinking of ordering on myself as I rebuilt a MA5-B. 73s, Gary

    1. Superbly well. I no longer use the MA-5B but I’ve used the balun on other aerials and it’s performed perfectly with no worries about the power rating. I can recommend it and on the strength of it, I’d recommend anything from Balun Designs.

  2. Hi, I ended up here after a google search for MA5B traps. My MA5B has developed an SWR problem on 20 and 15, although there seem to be no problems with 17, 12 and 10 metres, so I assume it’s the 20 and 15m traps that have packed in. I could take it back down again and inspect the traps, but wondered if you could tell me which one of MT1, 2 or 3 could be the problem. MFJ have noted my enquiry but are taking their time to respond.

    Thanks and 73
    Colin GM4JPZ

    1. Hi Colin,
      It’s going to be the MT1 trap – Your symptom are exactly the same as mine. If you’ve not already spotted it, see my post here.

      Chances are that it’s just one of the traps, probably the one on the ‘hot’ side of the feeder.

      I hope MFJ are as good to you as they were to me. Feel free to point them at these blog posts 🙂

      73 Keith.

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