It was thirty years ago today….

…. that I sat the RAE.

Monday 17th May, 1982.

In those days the examination was run by City And Guilds and consisted of two papers, the first one was Licensing conditions and Transmitter Interference and the second was Operating Practises, Procedures and Theory and one had to get at least PASS grade in both so that the Radio Amateur’s Certificate could be issued.  It was only on issue of that certificate that a licence would be given.

I was only 15 years old when I sat my RAE after nearly a years worth of evening classes at the East Herts College, Turnford.  I remember my dad used to drive me over and then go and see his brother in Enfield while I did the classes and then we’d go home and I’d have a late night before school the next day.  I tried to persuade my school to get a grant to pay for the classes and the exam but with no luck.

My RAE Exam Timetable for 17th May 1982

My RAE Exam Timetable for 17th May 1982

I really don’t remember too much about the exam itself, what I really remember is the nearly three months of waiting for the results – It was very different to how it is now with the exam paper being marked straight afterwards and the results being known straight away.  I’d love to get hold of a copy of the exam paper from May 1982 to have another look through it after all this time.  There are a load of old written papers available for download here but none since it switched to multiple choice.

I hadn’t realised it was thirty years ago until a couple of weeks back, I was looking through an old folder I keep all my important radio related stuff in and found the exam timetable which I’ve posted above (click for a larger version).  It doesn’t seem that long ago, it makes me feel quite old!


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    1. It took nearly three months before I found out.

      You’ll have to wait and see!

      1. Awww.

        OK, that seems fair. I’d already had to wait three months for mine!

  1. You’ve just made me realise that my 30th RAE anniversary is this year, in December – a little behind you!

  2. Well done Keith 🙂 15 years for me in June!

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