Statistics – June 2012

A busy start to this month but but a quiet last week due to my aerial damage saw just a handful of new DXCC entities although I’ve been told that it gets difficult to find new countries from now on.  I’ve been increasing the band slots for existing countries though and now have my DXCC confirmed on 20m and also using data modes which takes me to six DXCC awards (mixed, phone, data, 10m, 15m and 20m).  The new entities worked this month were Tanzania, French St. Martin, Singapore and Chad.  I’m hoping the last one will be confirmed as a QSO as there was a lot of QSB and I’m not 100% that he received my report.

I’ll be working on 40m DXCC next which I know is going to prove a struggle because my current aerial is great as a cloud warmer but not really very good for DX.  I want to get a quarter wave vertical up in the garden to see me through the winter and I hope that if I manage to do that then I should be able to achieve 100 entities worked and confirmed on the band.

QSOs made: 844
DXCC entities worked: 97
New DXCC entities worked: 4

Total DXCC worked: 204
Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW: 170
Total DXCC confirmed using LoTW/QSL cards: 179

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