17m FT8 DXCC challenge is complete

My 17m challenge to work 100 separate DXCC entities using only FT8 is complete.  I expected it to take a lot longer than a mere seven months.  I don’t have them all confirmed but that wasn’t part of the challenge – I just wanted to work them.

In the last few days I’ve worked Hong Kong, Mauritania, Reunion, Togo, Panama, Vietnam and Bonaire to take me up to the magic figure of one hundred countries worked.  This has also taken me up to 159 countries worked on 17m in total using all modes.

Logbook of The World and the DXCC program don’t break data modes down into anything other than just “Digital” so this isn’t an actual award I’ll be able to claim but it’s satisfying to know I’ve completed my challenge.

To wrap it up, here’s a list of the countries I’ve worked.

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